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What we do


We help leaders and teams bring their best energy, selves, and solutions to the table.

Your team is the engine for your business, and our custom workshops and coaching sessions help break down silos, bust out of thought ruts, and tap into the true potential in your people.

This isn’t just mumbo jumbo. Results matter, and we can help you make them stick.


Who we are


An OODA loop is an iterative decision cycle. Gather info, develop and test responses & solutions, and assess how it goes. Revise, repeat, and succeed. Ta da! An OODA loop!

(Fun fact: US Colonel John Boyd pioneered the OODA loop during the Korean War.)



You made us—and every other organization with which you worked—better, and we all knew it...”
— Brigadier General Stephen Sklenka, US Marine Corps
Carrie Sue gave our high-powered team the opportunity to hit pause, analyze our strengths both individually and as a team, and leverage those strengths for a more fruitful future. She’s fantastic!
— Katherine Wintsch, Founder and CEO, The Mom Complex
Working with Carrie Sue opened my eyes to how design thinking can change an entire organization.
— Dr. Allison Druin, Associate Provost, Pratt Institute

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