“Look at all the goodness in this room.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to do trust falls?


What does OODALOOP stand for?

Observe, orient, decide, act – a decision cycle that US Air Force Colonel John Boyd used during the Korean War. Gather info, test solutions, and assess so you can rinse, repeat, and succeed.

Wait, what does OODALOOP do?

We craft custom workshops and coaching sessions to help leaders tap into team potential. We use design thinking and can also incorporate StrengthsFinder into our sessions.

Whom do we work with?

Leaders who want the best out of their teams and themselves. Anticipating, experiencing, or emerging from transition? Craving more team engagement, creativity, or strategic thinking? Is your team in a rut? Let’s talk!

Good hearts welcome. Corny jokes encouraged. 

Why do we do this work?

Tapping into people potential is our jam.

What kinds of issues does OODALOOP work on?

We focus on bringing out the best in teams in three key areas: engagement, creativity, and strategic thinking.

What is human-centered design and/or design thinking?

A methodology that places humans at the center of problem-solving. It hinges on empathy with interactive, iterative methods that can lead to truly transformational results. Learn more here

What is StrengthsFinder?

Rooted in positive psychology, this personality assessment articulates each person’s innate gifts. It is refreshingly effective at improving team cohesion. Learn more here.